Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A new theory

Piggy-backing on my previous post about heated rhetoric, I wanted to bring this man's theory to light:

I came upon Bruce Lindner via a mutual friend on Facebook.  Bruce had written a note, expounding upon the very intriguing premise that none other than Karl Rove himself wrote the text for Sarah Palin's statement from today.  How does he know this?  By analyzing the text, Bruce has found what may be textual, telltale signs and rhetorical choices (especially that "blood libel" business.)  If nothing else, I think it is a skillful application of critical thinking upon a piece of rhetoric.  Here it is and all credit does go to Bruce Lindner:

"Sarah Palin used the almost unbelievably stupid phrase last night; "blood libel," in characterizing how she's feeling victimized over the Tucson massacre. I have a theory about this, that there's more to it than meets the eye. But first, if you don't already know the historical significance of the blood libel, you should go look it up on Wikipedia, or the like. I don't want to go into it here, only to say that for Jews, this is probably the most incendiary remark that she, or anybody else could have made -- particularly since three of the people who were shot were Jewish.

My theory is that not only did she not write that message, but I suspect that it was a set up by a very crafty man... but one who may have tipped his hand.

Sarah Palin is considered to be a likely GOP candidate for president in 2012. That's a huge problem for the Old Guard GOP, because they know she can win the nomination, but she can't possibly win the presidency. So it is in the interest of the party movers and shakers that she be crushed before too much momentum builds, and she becomes the only choice of the Tea Party... as the rest of the GOP candidates are considered "too liberal" by them (!!).

After listening to just the first few sentences of her comments early this morning, it was obvious to me that somebody wrote it for her, and I think I know who. The author had to know that including that blood libel comment would create a furor, and it certainly has! Nobody's even talking about anything else she said, just that one comment. And it's guaranteed to become another stone around her neck, come 2012. So, in my opinion, the author of Palin's video message deliberately intended to put Sarah Palin on the spot. There's not a doubt in my mind that Palin hadn't the first clue what the blood libel was before last night, so she had no reason to suspect anything. But I suspect that the author put that in there to contribute to the destruction of the "Palin mystique," so that he could clear her from the field of truly electable candidates.

Last February, I watched a live a debate here in Portland between Dr. Howard Dean, and Karl Rove. During that debate, Rove referred to the "pundants" out there who've been predicting this or that. I thought it was odd that a man like Rove would say pundants, rather than the correct use of the word; "pundits," which is derived from the Hindu word for educator. If you listen carefully to Palin's address, she too says "pundants." And I thought to myself; Rove set her up! I believe that he wrote that speech, and told her to say those exact words; blood libel, knowing it would further destroy her political ambitions. His interest of course, is that once she's out of the way, the Tea Partiers will have no choice but to choose between Obama, or his candidate, whomever that may be. And when she said the word "pundant," that (in my humble opinion) was one of Rove's fingerprints... not knowing the proper use of the word himself, I suspect that he wrote it into her speech INCORRECTLY, and in doing so, implicated himself.

The beauty of his scheme, is that Palin now owns those words. If I'm correct about this, she can't exactly say "Hey, don't blame me, I didn't know what it meant, and Karl Rove wrote it for me." Because if she did that, whatever shred of credibility she once had, would be gone. Nope, her only course now is to swallow hard, and to put it alongside all of her other asinine comments. But I believe we just witnessed a very rare event; a Karl Rove dirty trick that led directly back to Karl Rove. A mistake he never makes."

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  1. On Facebook, Emotional Rescue said: "It would be classic Rove if he did that. He's the Machiavelli of our age!"